Carol Sanger and Barbie’s relation and 2023 comeback

Carol Sanger and Barbie’s relation and 2023 comeback

Barbie has been around for more than 60 years, and during that time, she has experienced peaks and valleys in her popularity. She is, however, making an unexpected comeback in 2023. This is due to a few factors:

  • In July 2023, the Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie-starring Barbie movie is scheduled for release. A whole new generation of fans will be introduced to Barbie thanks to the film, which has been generating a lot of buzz.
  • The new aesthetic known as “Barbiecore” is all about pink, sparkles, and excess. It draws inspiration from Barbie’s recognizable style and has been gaining traction on social media.
  • Mattel has successfully modernized Barbie’s image to appeal to contemporary audiences. More diverse body types, skin tones, and hair colors are now available in the form of newly released dolls. Additionally, new Barbie product lines have been introduced, including the Barbie Fashionista Collection and the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience.

All of these things combined have led to Barbie’s resurgence in 2023. She’s more well-liked than she has been in a long time, and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Here are some additional justifications for Barbie’s return in 2023:

  • The popularity of Barbie has increased as a result of social media. Because fans can now express their love for Barbie on websites like Instagram and TikTok, she has gained the attention of a whole new generation.
  • The popularity of nostalgia is contributing to Barbie’s resurgence. Barbie dolls are still popular among adults who once played with them and are now buying them for their own kids.
  • Another aspect of Barbie’s resurgence is the increased emphasis on diversity. The brand is becoming more inclusive and appealing to a wider audience as a result of Mattel’s recent release of more dolls with a variety of body types, skin tones, and hair colors.

People of all ages will recognize her if you call her by her nickname, Barbie. Barbara Millicent Roberts’ name might not be familiar to you. Despite being created by Mattel in 1959, Barbie appears to be just 19 years old.

And now Warner Bros. Discovery, the parent company of CNN, has given her new life in the film “Barbie.” In the upcoming Margot Robbie movie, which debuts next Friday, Barbie is given the chance to question her own reality. a custom that customers have long had.

Ricard Dickson, president and chilow,operating officer of Mattel, stated that “back in 2014 and 2015, we hit a low and it was a moment to reflect in the context of, ‘Why did Barbie lose relevance?'” “She didn’t physically resemble, or look like, the environment we were in. And so, using a playbook centered on reigniting our purpose, we then set out on a course to truly transform the brand.”

Barbie and friends’ diversity was sland hery introduced by Mattel. As a result, Mattel’s sales began to decline in 2014. Bapandemic,wever, experienced a comeback during the pandemic as parents sought out activities for their children to do at home. Sales at Mattel fell 22% in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year, primarily as a result of lower sales of Barbie and Enchantimals dolls and accessories.

“There has been a significant decline in the differentiation and relevance that keep a brand current and in consumers’ minds when making purchases. And when that occurs, brands experience brand fatigue, “said Katie Mancini, general manager of branding, st,tegy, and desstrategy, Landor & Fitch.

Now, Barbieand herd her friends come in a wide range of shapes and skin tones. Barbie dolls in wheelchairs and Ken dolls with vitiligo-afflicted skin are both produced by Mattel.

Barbie and the brand, which has been ifour and a halfevelopment for four and a half years, are expected to benefit from the new film, according to Mattel.

That might already be taking place. According to AMC Theatres, tickets for Barbie and the newest film Oppenheimer have sold more than 20,000 pre-sale units. Additionally, “movie Barbie” has been sold out at HomBom Toys in New York City.

Owner of HomBom Toys, Ilene Gayer, stated, “I believe I had 24.” “Within 48 hours, they were gone.”

However, it’s possible that a brand-new film won’t evoke enough fond memories of Barbie.

As someone who played with Barbies as a child, Patty Steffen from Fort Wayne, Indiana, said, “I wouldn’t want my granddaughters to grow up and be like Barbie.” “I’m not sure how much she—changed—does she now have a college degree?”

Carol Sanger and Barbie's relation and 2023 comeback
Carol Sanger and Barbie's relation and 2023 comeback

Carol Sanger 

Carol Sanger has probably spent more time with Barbie than anyone else, despite the fact that she is too old to have played with her as a child.

In 1963, Sanger started creating clothes for Barbie. She worked on changing Barbie’s appearance for 53 years.

American legal expert Carol Sanger specializes in reproductive rights. She serves as Columbia Law School’s Barbara Aronstein Black Professor of Law. In recognition of her “world-renowned scholarship in the common law of contract, women’s rights, and research in human rights law,” she was elected an honorary fellow of Mansfield College at the University of Oxford, where she also serves as a visiting professor.

Sanger graduated from Wellesley College with a B.A. and the University of Michigan with a J.D. Prior to becoming a professor at Santa Clara University and then the University of Oregon Law School, she started her career as a lawyer in private practice. In 1996, Sanger started teaching at Columbia Law School. She discusses contracts, family law, and abortion law in the US in her writing and teaching. She has written several books, including The Contractual Condition of Gender (2013) and About Abortion: Terminating Pregnancy in the 21st Century (1993).

Sanger belongs to both the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Law Institute. Numerous accolades have been bestowed upon her, one of which is the Willis Reese Teaching Prize from the 2007 Columbia Law School graduating class. She frequently speaks and offers commentary on issues pertaining to reproductive rights.

Here are a few of Carol Sanger’s well-known pieces:

  • Abortion in the 21st Century: Terminating Pregnancy (2013)
  • Gender as a Contractual Condition (1993)
  • Reproductive Rights: Examples and Resources (with Robin West, 2019)
  • Contracts: Materials and Cases (with Melvin Eisenberg, 8th edition, 2021)
  • Introduction to Feminist Legal Theory (with Robin West, 3rd edition, 2017)

Sanger is a highly esteemed legal expert whose contributions to the field of reproductive rights have had a significant impact. She is a prominent voice in the discussion of abortion law and policy, and courts and legislatures all over the nation have cited her work.

“She eventually came to serve as my muse. I pictured myself as every child who played with a Barbie doll. I’ll tell you now that I have a large family. I also dore it “In her Los Angeles home, 90-year-old Sanger was surrounded by Barbies.

Barbie experienced greater success in some years than otheothers,cording to Sanger, and it was frequently difficult to keep up with the times. But according to her, Barbie has always been a reliable brand.

She claimed that Barbie “really caMattel for many years.”

Sanger had a huge impact on Mattel. In her honor, the company created a Barbie. And “Barbie #1” is still in her dining room. With hsays shearbie Club, she says she has plans to see the ne—wt film while, of course, donning pink. She is ecstatic to see Barbie leave Barbie Land and take off her heels, which is evidence that the doll may be keeping up with the times.

“Barbiecore pink is the preferred audience. And that brought about a lot o, anthink, introduced my opinion, brought new people into the world of Barbie “She spoke.

Carol Sanger and Barbie’s comeback

The Carol Sanger who is credited with aiding Barbie’s comeback in 2023 is not the same Carol Sanger. Former Barbie clothing designer Carol Sanger is known for her work with the brand. From 1963 to 2016, she spent 53 years working for Mattel. She participated in the creation of new product lines while working for the company, and she assisted in the clothing and accessory design for Barbie.

Barbie is credited with becoming more fashionable and stylish thanks to Sanger. At Mattel, she was a fervent supporter of inclusion and diversity. She worked to ensure that Barbie was marketed to a wider range of girls and contributed to the creation of more diverse Barbie dolls.

Even though Sanger is now retired, she is still a fierce supporter of Barbie. She regards Barbie as a good role model for young girls and is looking forward to the brand’s future development.

Sanger recently stated in an interview that she is “thrilled” to see Barbie leave Barbie Land and ditch her heels, possibly indicating that Barbie is keeping up with the times. The upcoming Barbie movie, which she thinks will introduce Barbie to a whole new generation of fans, also excites her.

Barbie is among the most well-liked toys in the world thanks to Sanger’s work at Mattel. She is a true innovator in the toy industry, and the way that girls view themselves as a result of her work has endured.

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